About Nisplay

With the belief that technology and sports can bring the ultimate experience, we set out to design a tennis ball machine that is both simple and enjoyable. Our years of testing and optimization have led us to create the Nisplay N1, the world's smallest and strongest tennis ball launcher. Join us in experiencing the fun of sports with Nisplay N1.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND SMALL: Designed for maximum durability, this tennis ball machine has been manufactured to hold up against constant use. The 26-pound ergonomic design makes it lightweight, and it is just as large as a basketball.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: The Nisplay tennis ball machine is easy to transport in your car. Its oversized wheels and 3-foot ergonomic folding handle allow for easy transportation over grass, gravel, and curbs.
  • VERSATILE TENNIS BALL MACHINE: This tennis ball machine offers horizontal oscillation, ball speed up to 68 mph, and an elevation from 0 to 50 degrees, while its small, lightweight external Lithium battery is easy to transport, charge and can operate up to four hours.
  • DUAL MOTOR AND POWERFUL: A dual motor design can easily shoot the ball from end to end on the court at every 1 - 10S. And it allows you to practice in various modes including topspin and backspin, no matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced player
  • SPIN-CONTROL FEATURE INCLUDED: The Nisplay N1 ball machine also offers unequaled spin control for a machine at this price point. The ball spin can be adjusted for both topspin and backspin and at different levels.

Where did we start?

Nisplay was founded by a group of passionate sports and technology experts who graduated from prestigious universities, including Cornell and Northwestern. Their goal was to make tennis more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

With this vision in mind, they created the Nisplay N1, one of the world's lightest and smallest tennis ball machines. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, Nisplay has revolutionized the way people play tennis, whether alone or with friends. Join the Nisplay community and experience the joy of tennis like never before. Nisplay, Let's play!