Difference between N2 and N1 model?

Can I use any type of tennis balls in a tennis ball machine?

To get the most out of your machine, we recommend you use pressureless balls. Typical tennis balls are pressurised which become considerably flatter after a couple of days hitting. In comparison, players will get on average 1 - 2 years out of pressureless balls (depending on court surface, amount of usage, etc).

Can Nisplay machines make horizontal oscillation?

Yes, with our external horizontal oscillator, you can can horizontal oscillation.

Why does the machine move on the court when in use?

If your court has a slippery surface, your machine could move slightly on the court due to recoil when delivering balls. 

Why my machine is not sitting stable on the oscillator?

Please make sure you followed the instruction to place the ball machine on the oscillator. Please refer to the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=II7Oq2fqZrs

Why does the machine is not shooting tennis ball at the same location I set for?

This is mainly because of using a mix of new and old tennis ball, which they have different pressure and wear, which can result in inconsistent landings. And it is normal for all tennis ball machine. A simple fix is to replace your ball with all brand new ones. 

Is the machine work with kids balls like orange dot or green dot ball?

It will work with orange dot and green dot balls. However, it will not work with red balls. The bottom line is that it will work as long as the ball size is the same as the regular tennis ball.

Can this ball machine fit into a 4 door sedan?

Our machine is like a basketball size and can easily fit in any sedan's trunk.

How to set up this tennis ball machine?

Please find our user manual online here, and you can also refer to this installation instruction video here.

Why does my machine shooting ball so slow? Although I set FEED at the highest?

Please be aware a smaller number on the FEED means faster serving. FEED set a 1 means serving ball at every 1 second, FEED set at 9 means serving ball at every 9 seconds.

Can I use regular tennis balls with the Nisplay Tennis Ball Machine?

Yes, you can use regular tennis balls with the Nisplay Tennis Ball Machine. However, the machine is designed to work best with pressureless tennis balls, as they tend to last longer and produce a more consistent bounce.